What is wear-resistant Grinding Ball Heat treatment?

The so-called heat treatment is through the high chromium wear-resistant grinding ball heating, heat preservation and then to the cooling process, after such a process, the wear-resistant grinding ball internal structure will have a certain change to achieve the desired performance.

Generally speaking, the wear-resistant casting grinding ball after heat treatment can effectively improve the hardness and wear resistance of casting grinding ball, so can effectively increase the life of wear-resistant casting grinding ball products, to customers have economic benefits. The heat treatment of high chromium wear-resistant grinding balls has become one of the main energy saving and emission reduction in China’s machinery industry.

Heat treatment is also the last step of economic treatment for wear-resistant casting grinding Ball, after heat treatment, after heat treatment of wear-resistant grinding ball, aesthetic is better than no treatment.

The wear-resistant grinding ball heat treatment plant has its own set of processes and technologies, many years of experience also let us for different specifications, materials, the different production process of the wear-resistant grinding ball has different final treatment.  But after the final treatment of balls, its wear rate, environmental protection has a very big improvement. 

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