Updated sand-coated iron mold casting grinding ball production line

The molding line has produced products are the wear-resistant ball, crankshaft, wheel, brake drum, box cover, traction wheel, machine seat, flywheel, water meter shell, Hammer etc. Performance characteristics of multi-function sand-coated iron mold casting production line:

First, the production line equipment configuration

1. Open mode operation (proprietary technology). Motor and non-motor Roller rigid-flexible alternate, so that the whole line more smooth operation. Other companies typically operate in closed or rigid mode.

2. Hydraulic Systems. The hydraulic system is attached with auxiliary heat device, cooling device, pressure-keeping device, and liquid level recognition control. Depending on the climate, auxiliary heating devices can be connected to hydraulic stations to protect and extend the service life of hydraulic equipment and accessories; The pressure-keeping mechanism is added to ensure the smooth operation of multiple hydraulic cylinders at the same time, and the liquid level recognition is to avoid the unnecessary loss of hydraulic oil leakage.

3. Automatic commutator (patented technology). By changing the elevation of the die through the commutator, the running roller of the die is changed smoothly, and the space needed for the die to expand is given at the same time.

4. Powered Roller Table (patented technology). Therefore, the function of non-interference, mutual supply, and can realize accumulation between the molding line and the pouring line, and the actual running rhythm is stabilized and accelerated.

  • The whole line is still able to run without the mold, two specifications of the molds run at the same time, not subject to a certain number of restrictions.
  • The complementary function of molding line and pouring line. When any position on the molding line lags behind, the mold on the mechanical roller will automatically feed to the casting line. When the casting line is at rest or the casting process needs to be static, the molding line can still be shaped usually Such a patent technology not only meets the requirements of the casting production process, and will not reduce the production efficiency of the production line, significantly improving the production efficiency of the production line.
  •  when the production line is out of order and can not be removed in a short time, the casting line can still run regularly, and the mould supplied automatically can consume the molten steel in the casting ladle or electric furnace, which can reduce the waste to the most extent.
  • The fastest time of casting line is 25′′(casting time is + 5′′) , the grinding ball of special material is produced, when there is a strict casting requirement (such as ductile cast iron, Adi, Cadi), this mechanism can significantly increase the casting time (such as pouring time is 20′′ / type, casting line beat is 25′′ / type) The phenomenon of hot metal spheroidization is avoided.

5.  4-position multi-function Molding Machine (patented technology). The molding machine has the following features:

  • Two specifications of iron-type at the same time, iron type number is not limited, and arbitrary layout;
  • 4 working positions of sand shooting mechanism operate independently and do not interfere with each other;
  • Each group of mold can move independently and can move out of the roller; normal production can be replaced or clean the mold, convenient and fast, labor intensity reduced by more than 80% ;

6. Adopt GP6305M and GP6305M edge roller (patented technology). FEATURES:

  • Bearing steel integrated edge roller, temperature resistant 300 degrees Celsius speed 600 revolutions;
  • The load is more than two times of that of a conventional bearing.
  • Internal Lubrication of Roller;
  • It’s quick and easy to change.

7. The automatic positioning device (patented technology). There are many faults in the production line due to the deviation of the thermal expansion position of the die, such as (1) the phenomenon that the mechanical and electrical conversion is easy to lose control or misoperate; Cause the phenomenon of sand shot sand leakage; cause the phenomenon of box inaccurate, etc. . My company uses automatic identification, automatic error correction of this patent technology to solve the problems caused by the expansion.

8. Hidden Roller track. Casting Line Roller is placed under the mold, roller wholly blocked by the mold, spilled hot metal generally will not flow to the roller, so roller life is greatly extended;

9. Infrared intelligent temperature control system: When the infrared sensor detects that the mold temperature exceeds the process temperature, the cooling system automatically starts to cool the mold, water mist amount and cooling time can be adjusted arbitrarily. Ensure the stability and reliability of product quality and Equipment Operation

10. Remote intelligent control

  • realize intelligent remote service, there is no network access point in user workshop, our company can also do remote service through wireless network; Users can interact directly in the man-machine interface will give an alarm and direct display of the fault source and troubleshooting methods, operators can also directly call after-sales service telephone, our company can troubleshoot or directly troubleshoot through the network Greatly improved after-sales service efficiency and quality.
  •  full line video surveillance. Install video monitor for the whole production line, monitor all the workstations of the production line, record the production status of one shift through the Monitor, and check the reason through the Monitor record of the shift when the product has the quality problem. And it is advantageous to the production line breakdown analysis and daily maintenance. Need to access the network in the workshop, the video information transmission to the monitoring room.
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