The advantage of using the automatic grinding media balls production line

As the foundry development and now, more and more manufacturers choose automatic grinding media ball production line to produce casting grinding balls. But why they want to choose the balls production line instead of the manual method? Here is the detailed analysis. 

With the development of society, China’s grinding media ball  production has changed from labor-intensive production mode to automatic production. In the 1980s, when the production of casting grinding media ball was changed from sand casting to metal mold production because metal mould casting could refine grain and produce needle-like directional crystallization by quenching, the wear resistance of the products was greatly improved, therefore, the process of using the metal mold to cast wear-resistant balls has been used up to now, but there is a big limitation of the metal mold that the impact toughness of the products is relatively low. Therefore, we cast grinding media balls by covering a layer of sand in the metal mold, the grinding balls produced by this process can improve the impact toughness of the products remarkably, and the impact value of the high chromium balls can be increased from 2.5 j / CM2 to about 4-52.5 J / cm2.

Casting the grinding media ball to place the type of hand-held Production Model: This way of production has the advantage of less investment and quick start; but the Labor volume of the workers is very large, the physical effort is amazing, the General Physique simply can not bear, and the working environment is harsh because it is a metal mold, high ambient temperature, especially in the summer, heatstroke is common workers, as a result of manual operation, pouring, so the safety risks are also very high, the work accident rate is very high. Nowadays, Young People’s career choice has generally shielded the ball-casting industry. Front-line workers in the ball-casting industry rarely see those under 40 years old. Workers between 50 and 60 years old are the main force. With the increase of age, the old workers are gradually eliminated because of their physical exhaustion. As a result, new workers are becoming harder to find, and it is not uncommon in the ball-casting industry to stop production because they can not find workers. So the automatic grinding balls production line changes the situation, low labor intensity, reduced operator, low manual mistakes, high automation. 

In order to meet different clients’ requirements, our factory developed two types of the production line to meet the market. One of them the annual productivity can up to 5000tons, another type is double the productivity. And the produced balls size is from dia30mm to dia130mm. If you are interested in, you can click here and know more.