Technological progress and development of grinding media balls production equipment

From the manual grinding ball mould to the automatic casting grinding media ball production line of sand-coated iron mould, the technological progress and innovation of the grinding medium production equipment have been successfully developed, especially in the automatic equipment of sand-coated iron mould, the technical upgrading of grinding media production equipment from semi-mechanization to automation, the technical innovation in the automatic equipment of separating and separating cast balls, the automation of grinding media production cleaning process and the promotion of grinding media have been realized.

HX series heat treatment plant

In 2009, the company developed HX series of high-efficiency and energy-saving push rod type automatic heat treatment plant. The heat treatment pant is provided with a feeding machine, a hydraulic pushing cylinder, a tunnel type multi-stage resistance furnace, a transfer mechanism, a tipping mechanism, a quenching cradle, an oil tank, a cooling device and a rail hoisting device, automatic completion from feeding, preheating, heating, heat preservation, out of the cradle cooling, oil quenching and other processes, to achieve high-efficiency energy-saving, clean and safe, automatic heat treatment. Thise heat treatment plant is widely used for oil quenching, air quenching and tempering heat treatment of grinding media balls and the other casting products.

gas type tempering machine
oil quench and tempering heat treatment plant

The main innovation

1) adopt the multi-stage temperature control technology of tunnel type, satisfy the user to carry on the programming according to the heat treatment craft request, realize the automatic control.

2) adopting five-layer structure technology of three kinds of materials to achieve energy-saving and consumption-reducing of heat treatment equipment and to reduce production cost.

The suspended bottom structure is adopted to improve the thermal efficiency of the electric heating element and reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

Adopting the “one” type resistance wire arrangement technology, it can replace the electric heating element without stopping production, improve the production efficiency, and reduce the production cost.

The project research and development obtain the practical new model 5, through Anhui Province high, and further technology product confirmation is listed as Anhui province key new product plan.

Independently developed a production line casting mold

Its main innovations:

The first is to change the mold pouring system to meet the condensation requirements of different materials, improve the quality of castings, and maximize the process yield.

The second is to change the mold manufacturing process, sand coating accuracy control about 1.5 mm, give full play to the advantages of iron mold sand coating casting process.

The third is the improvement of the positioning system, which solves the difficulty of the die thermal expansion box, reduces the occurrence of the wrong box, and prolongs the service life of the die.

The project obtained 2 patents of Utility Model, 1 local standard of Anhui Province and 1 high-tech product. The research and development of the project provides the guarantee of mould and tooling for the Iron Mould sand-coated casting production line.

metal mold in hexin