Technological progress and development of grinding media balls production equipment

3) HX series semi-automatic casting grinding balls production line

In 2009, our company developed the first HX-80-130 semi-automatic grinding ball casting production line to solve the technical problems such as heavy labor intensity, bad working environment, low production efficiency and unstable quality of large diameter ball-casting. The line adopts metal mould, sodium silicate clay sand and artificial fixed-point mould, which can realize automatic circulation, automatic closing and automatic opening of mould. It is suitable for the production of large-size grinding balls over 80mm.

The innovation of this production line:

  • Water glass clay sand is used for artificial on-line sand covering modeling
  • The open running mode of side roll is adopted to realize the circular transportation of the metal moulds
  • The horizontal reversal is realized by using elevation difference, which ensures the smooth and smooth operation of the production line.
  • The research and development of the project have obtained 3 patents of the utility model. This line is a semi-automatic ball casting a line with artificial sand coating and ladle casting, but its bold innovation in horizontal reversing and operation mode provides a new design idea for the company’s iron mould sand coating production line.
semi-auto mill ball line
semi-automatic production line_

4) HX series automatic casting grinding media balls production line

In order to meet the needs of 30-130mm mill ball casting production, in 2010, the company has carried on the second generation production line innovation improvement on the basis of the first generation product line. This line adopts iron mold sand-coated casting technology and bottom pouring machine by using a fixed-point pouring method. PLC is used to realize the functions of automatic circulation, automatic opening, automatic closing, automatic stripping, vibration cleaning of residual sand, automatic blowing cavity and so on. This line not only brings into play the advantages of sand-coated iron mould process but also improves the casting production efficiency and improves the quality of casting grinding ball products.

The casting line is made of precoated sand, the thickness of coated sand is 3-5 mm, the amount of molding sand is 140-240 kg/ton, the running time is 60-100 seconds/time, the rate of technological output is about 75% , the rate of qualified casting balls is 95% , the output is 1-2 tons / h per table hour, the installed power is 276 kW. 4 online workers.

The innovation of this production line

  • The double-position molding machine is used for sand-coating, and the precision of sand-coating is controlled at 1.5 mm, which minimizes the amount of sand-coating and brings into play the advantages of iron sand-coating technology
  • The self-developed patent technology and automatic alignment technology of the mould leakage device effectively solve the mould deviation, air leakage and sand leakage in the process of on-line moulding.
  • The simultaneous on-line molding and pouring of two kinds of cast balls were realized by using compound operation mode, and the casting efficiency was improved effectively.
  • The automatic fault diagnosis of the production line is realized.
  • The technology of the one-step Forming Gate Cup is adopted, and the working position of the Gate Cup is removed.
grinding media making machine
automatic casting grinding steel ball production line molding line

5) Multi-functional type automatic castings production line

HX MULTI-FUNCTIONAL IRON MOULD SAND-COATED CASTING PRODUCTION LINE adopts the operation mode of rigid + flexible conveying + multi-stage driving, to achieve four-position molding machine sand molding, automatic box opening, automatic box closing, automatic parts out, mold cavity blowing, mold temperature control, sand waste transport functions, and at the same time with the tilt pouring machine to achieve precision casting safety production, intelligent control of foundry production process based on network communication technology. Different from the second generation production line: the third generation production line can not only satisfy: 40-150 low chromium, medium chromium, high chromium, Aube, Adi, Cadi grinding ball casting production, it can also meet the casting production of the wheel hub, brake drum, water meter shell, crankshaft, rotor, traction wheel, machine seat, exhaust manifold and various kinds of disk parts.

The innovation of this production line

  • the sand-covered molding machine with multiple double-position or multiple four-position is adopted to improve the molding speed and realize the simultaneous on-line production of multi-size castings.
  •  adopt rigid + flexible conveying + multi-stage driving running mode, realize the line-dividing modeling, centralized merging box, and line-pouring, the molding line and casting line cross-running, running rhythm subsection control, the production line running more smoothly.
  • High Production Efficiency, HX multi-function iron mould sand-covered casting ball production line run time 50-90′′ / box, process yield about 75% , molding integrity rate ≥95% , the rate of finished product ≥96% , table time output than the second generation line on average twice.
  • Automation and intelligentization have been greatly improved, and the Labor intensity of workers has been greatly reduced, from operating equipment to patrol and auxiliary operation.
  • By using network communication technology and PLC automatic control technology, the remote intelligent service of equipment running is realized.