Selection principle of sand-coating production line with iron mould

1.First of all, matching with the product should be considered when choosing the production line of the sand-coated iron mold.

2. Iron sand-coated production line should have: A high-quality iron sand-coated production line must have the primary factors of the high running rate of equipment, mature technology, high rate of the genuine product.

3. Iron Sand coating production line automation and intelligent, until today, if the iron sand-coating production line is still based on push-pull, then it can be said that the date of purchase of this production line is the time of elimination.

4. Operation Complexity of the IRON MOULD SAND CLADDING PRODUCTION LINE: Although the iron mold sand cladding production line as a whole needs to complete a complex task, but we should simplify the complicated things, so that anyone staff can be on duty with a little training This is the production of automated production lines of the highest state to do intelligent automatic casting production line.

5. The production line of sand-coating for Iron Mould must have the function of remote assistance service, and even the best equipment will have some problems in operation If the device has remote assistance function, it can help the enterprise to the maximum extent possible at the first time.

Type selection of sand-coating production line with iron mould

1. The line is divided into a single working position, double working position. Two from the driving mode to points, there are the hydraulic drive, gas source drive, hydraulic gas source combined drive. The combination of hydraulic and gas drive combines the advantages of hydraulic and gas drive. It should be a reasonable driving way to choose the suitable driving form in different parts.

2. iron mould sand-coating production line for the switch, there are mainly the following: the use of tray switch, this way because the tray consumption is a significant cost, now almost rarely used. The running belt of electric Dolly is used to change direction because the moving belt of electric Dolly makes useless work in one direction, which affects the efficiency of the production line. This is the patented machine. It has many advantages, such as ingenious design, simple structure, reliable operation and so on.

3. Upgrading of sand-coating production line: sand-coating production line should have the function of upgrading at any position at any time, that is to say, enterprises of sand-coating production line should standardize and modularize production This makes it easy for users to choose product upgrades at any time, with the minimum cost in exchange for the highest benefits.

4. The consumption of coated sand is one of the most critical factors that directly affect the production cost of the production line This requires the production of iron must be standardized to ensure that each sand layer should be uniform all the time (this has a significant impact on the amount of coated sand, the general enterprise will often ignore) , coated sand deposit thickness selection should be reasonable, thickness appropriate. In operation and maintenance of the production line of the sand-coated iron mold, it is required that all vulnerable parts are easy to repair and replace, and the price of spare parts is reasonable.

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