• trolley type machine

trolley type heat treatment machine

Trolley-type heat treatment machine is a movable bottom loading trolley type periodic resistance furnace, which is widely used to do tempering, annealing, and hardening (quenching) for castings, like grinding media, crusher liners. In the process of operation, the lifting-down of furnace door & bottom trolley out-in controlled by electricity. The inner of the furnace consists of a fifer, and resistant ribbon which is high preheating, energy-saving, and fasts speed temperature raising.

The trolley-type resistance heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of furnace body including lining, tilting (non-tilting) mechanism, all-fiber lifting furnace door, electric heating element, trolley and traction mechanism, sealing device, automatic control system and other major parts.

Specification and Structure

  • Furnace door and lifting system

The furnace door is designed with no water cooling structure. No water cooling structure door is the door frame and sealing box body skillfully separated, combined, even in long-term high-temperature operation, also can ensure the door steel structure deformation and sealing reliability. The furnace door is composed of the section steel frame, steel plate, fiber combination block, etc. In order to fully consider the heating deformation of the furnace door, the steel frame and the steel plate of the furnace door have enough heating expansion structure between each other, and the frame structure is separated and combined to ensure that the steel structure of the furnace door is not deformed and sealed reliably.

The lifting mechanism of the furnace door is composed of an electric hoist, a chain wheel, a ring chain, and an adjusting device. This kind of mechanism drives accurately and smoothly (for example, the right picture).

  • Heating elements

The car-mounted resistance furnace is equipped with 300KW electric heating elements, which are divided into 2 zones, the wall heating elements have good heat diffusivity, the electric heating elements adopt 0Cr27A17MO2 strip to be bent into a wave shape (for example: above), the surface load is low, it has excellent oxidation resistance, high-temperature resistance, high load, with reasonable component structure parameter design, can ensure the service life of more than 5 years. 0Cr27A17MO2 spiral resistance wire is used for the electric heating element at the bottom of the furnace. The top cover of the spiral resistance wire is provided with a high-strength small heat-resistant bottom plate (as shown in the picture above) to prevent the iron scale from falling into the resistance wire and causing a short circuit.

  • Fire-resistant insulating material

The carriage face is load-bearing and fire-resistant layer, which ensures that the bearing area of the pad iron does not sink, and protects the guard plates at both ends from impact. The lower insulating layer is light refractory brick. According to the design and material selection in 5 years under the normal use of the trolley surface no obvious consideration of subsidence, to meet the production process requirements.


  • control cabinet for heat treatment machine

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