• tilting pouring machine


Product Introduction

YDJZJ series tilting type pouring molten iron system adopts hydraulic to drive, mainly consists steel pouring ladle tilting device, cover rotating device, small car, big car etc. Operating easily, working stably & safety etc.  Widely used to different type of casting molding line. Widely used on the assembly line for producing grinding balls, mill liners, shaft etc. The max molten iron can load 2.5tons one time. 

This machine mainly consists of the frame, pouring ladle, pouring ladle tilting device, cover rotating device, small car for delivering, longitudinal shift big car, hydraulic station, control system, operation room.  

pouring machine for casting line
titling pouring machine for chrome balls
pouring machine for castings)

Technical Datas

  • The total power of machine: 5.5KW
  • Total weight about the machine: about 5tons
  • Ladle size: 1200kg,1500kg,2000kg,2500kg
  • The max tilt angle:90°
  • Rotated speed:Stepless Adjustable
  • Working pressure:6Mpa
  • Heat preservation mode: cover sealing heat preservation
  • Longitudinal shift limit:according to different working process
  • Drive mode: hydraulic
  • The scope of application:Different kinds of casting molding lines

Components and Working Principle

Pouring ladle’s tilting device, its mouse as the rotating center, to drive the molten iron directly goes into the pouring gate of the sandbox, no need to adjust the crossrange position of the ladle and its height.

The cover rotating device works as a pouring ladle tilting device, simplifying the control mechanism and can guarantee that the pouring ladle is always in a sealed state to minimize the heat dissipation of the molten iron.

After finishing pouring, the cover rotation device opens the cover, the empty ladle exits pouring machine with the help of small car delivering system and then can use the overhead crane to fill molten iron again. The base frame of a small car has the limit unit so that can ensure putting the ladle on the specific position when hanging.

The pouring ladle itself also has the titling system, when the pouring machine meets some problem, after exiting, can pour the molten iron back to the melting furnace.

The operation of pouring machine is at the inner side of the machine with air conditional. Operators’ sight line is very good to observe pouring situation, easy operation reduces the requirements of working stills for operators.  


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