Metallic Hammer Mold (dies)

The Metallic Hammer used on the ball mill for breaking raw ores is welcomed in mines. But how to make it? There are two easy methods to produce. First one, using a metallic mold(dies) to produce. Another one, using sandbox mold to produce. 

Hammer Metallic Mold (Dies)

Metallic Hammer mold (dies) is made of the grey iron. The inner chamber is milling by the CNC machine.  

Using method: 1. first, same like the grinding ball metal mold, using acetylene to heat the chamber to form a layer so that it’s easier to separate the hammer and mold. 

2. first time using, the metal mold should be heated to 200-300 degrees. You can use heat treatment machine to heat or pour the half molten iron into the mold and let the iron’s temperature heat the mold. 

3. Need to prepare the precoated sand mold to put into the hole for supporting. (The making method see the video below)

4. Using the pattern to form the sand in the middle of the mold(die), make a hole for pouring. 

Details see the video below. 

Sandbox metal mold consists of sandbox mold and pattern. The theory is making hammer sand mold and pouring the molten iron directly into the sand mold and form the hammer.

Using method:

1. the sand molds have the top part and bottom part. And the pattern has two sides. 

2. Using the sandbox mold and pattern together to form the sand mold, including the top and the bottom one.

3. After two sand mold forming, close together and use a tube to make a hole for pouring. 

The detailed producing process, see the video below. 

Sandbox Mold for Hammer