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TYPEHX-GT-25BURNER TYPEFlat-flame burner
MAX TEMPERATURE FOR QUENCH1100 ℃APPLICATIONCasting grinding balls, Hi-Cr castings, Hi-Mn castings etc.
CONTROL MODEPLCHEAT TREATMENTQuenalch(air/water/oil), Temper,Anneal


The whole set of the heat treatment furnace for grinding balls including quenching and tempering 

Product Introduction

HX series gas type automatic push-rod type heat treatment furnace for grinding balls (oil quench & tempering), with many years’ experience in design and manufacture of similar products, PLC intelligence control program, have the characteristics of safe and energy-saving, highly automation and high production efficiency. It has multi-purpose, can be widely used in casting products, and mechanical parts of oil & air quenching, annealing, tempering, etc.

The main components of the heat treatment furnace for grinding balls: burners, pressure reducing valve station, segmented furnace body, control cabinet, PLC cabinet, upender, shaker, shaking table, pushing device, delivery system, quench & temper baskets, etc.

The biggest difference between the electrical type of heat treatment furnace and gas type is the heating method changed. The burner’s brand we choose Kromshcroder, Dungs, Giuliani Anello, etc. Gas type equipment heat to the set temperature is very fast, and no electrical wear-resistant wires can save much maintenance costs. 


  • heat treatment plant for grinding balls
  • quenchi heat treatment
  • quenchi heat treatment

Working Process for Heat Treatment Furnace

Quench Part: Loading grindng balls — pushing grinding balls into the furnace— preheating — heating — heat preservation —pushing grinding balls out from the furnace — quench (oil or air) —Loading grinding balls 

Temper Part: Loading (original or after quenching) grinding balls — pushing balls into temper furnace —heat —pushing balls out from furnace — Package   

Operation process: First, put high chrome grinding balls into the baskets and then put the baskets in front of the furnace workbench. Second,  use hydraulic pressure to drive the oil cylinder so that to open the furnace door, the push-rod of the oil cylinder pushes the full load baskets into the furnace, and inside the furnace,  baskets push forward one by one, then close the front door. Third, the furnace continues to heating from one section to another. The baskets in the furnace, go cross the heating area, heat preservation zone. After going through all the sections, the baskets are pushed out. Above all is the temperature process. Afterward, if doing quenching, then go to the quenching unit to do the next procedure.


gas pipelines

pressure reducing valve station

Video for Heat Treatment Furnace

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DESIGN SUPPORT: Giving us your workshop drawings, then the function sections deigning for the workshop to heat treatment balls will be done by our team.

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