• quench oil plant  for casting steel balls

Heat treatment machine for grinding media- electrical type

HX-650-27015-17TONSQ:270KW+T:200KW2 people
HX-800-34018-20TONSQ:340KW+T:270KW2 people
HX-1050-39022-25TONSQ:390KW+T:320KW2 people
HX-1250-48026-28TONSQ:480KW+T:340KW2 people

NOTE:1. Q: quenching     T: tempering

           2. One set heat treatment machine includes quench & temper machine

Brief Introduction

HX series automatic push-rod type heat treatment machine (oil quench & tempering), with many years’ experience in design and manufacture of similar products, PLC intelligence control program, have the characteristics of safe and energy-saving, highly automation and high production efficiency. This equipment has multi-purpose, can be widely used in casting products, and mechanical parts of oil & air quenching, annealing, tempering etc.

With the continuous improvement of products, technical performance and degree of automation of heat treatment machines have been further improved. 

Here are the main components: segmented furnace body, control cabinet, PLC cabinet, upender, shaker, shaking table, pushing device, delivery system, quench & temper baskets etc.

Working Process for Heat Treatment Machine

Quench Part: Loading grinding balls — pushing grinding balls into the furnace— preheating — heating — heat preservation —pushing balls out from the furnace — quench (oil or air) —Loading mill balls 

Temper Part: Loading (original or after quenching)  balls — pushing balls into temper furnace —heat —pushing balls out from furnace — Packing 

Characteristics of Heat Treatment Equipment

  • Its advanced program can improve productivity and save energy. And compared with car-bottom heat treatment (quenching) furnace, it can save electricity 35%-50% more.
  • The effect of quenching is better and can stabilize; For example, in the oil quenching conditions, it can ensure the grinding ball and cylpebs’ quench uniformly.
  • Better to change the producing process according to the different balls heating technology.
  • Deal with a big ball and small ball respectively.
  • It can reasonably manage the equipment overhaul and maintenance.
  • Reduce the consumption costs of the heat-resisting steel parts.
  • Reduce the labor intensity and errors and easy operating. 
  • It has multi-purpose for different castings, such as oil & water & air quenching, annealing and tempering for Hi-Cr casting, Hi-Mn castings etc. 
  • We can CUSTOMIZE according to your REQUIREMENTS. 

Working Video for heat treatment machine

Our Service

DESIGN SUPPORT: Giving us your workshop drawings, then the function sections deigning for the workshop to heat treatment balls will be done by our team.  

OVERSEAS SERVICE: On-site visiting, installation/commissioning/training/maintenance for our clients.

FAST REACTING: During the producing, if you have any questions and doubts, all will be solved by our team via emails/phone or remote controlling in a short time

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Process technology can be supplied if needed.


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