• casting ball mill liners for mining cement mill

ball mill liners/hammer/jaw plate/cone scaleboard

hammers for mining
casting hammers
high chrome liners 2
casting high chrome liners
casting liners
casting jaw plate
jaw plate
casting hi-Mn liners


  1. Hi-Mn casting alloy:ZGMn17Cr2, ZGMn13Cr2, 
  2. Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn casting iron: ZG45Cr3NiMoMnRE
  3. 90Cr6MoMn
  4. Hi -Cr casting: KmTbCr20Mo2, KmTBCr15Mo2, KmTBCr26
  5. Wear-resistant Steel: ZG20Cr26Ni5
  6. Hi-Cr casting steel: ZGCr12SiMn-GT, ZGCr15SiMn-GT

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