• forged steel ball producing machine

Automatic screw rolling steel balls production line

Automatic screw rolling steel balls production line is used to produce rolled steel balls from dia20mm to dia80mm for different composition. High productivity,  fully automatic, qualified steel balls. No de-shape, no chamfer, smooth surface.

Main Components: Induction heating furnace, screw rolling machine, universal joints, coupling, gear box, reducer , roller box, converyor and cooling tower etc.

The proposal we designed will include:

1) Use advanced technology to produce steel ball,heat treatment & packaging. 

2) Arrange the investigation of all designed paperwork

3) Manufacturing and supply on electric induction furnace, hot rolling device & heat treatment equipment.

4) Foundation designing & equipment installing

5) Commissioning the equipment 

6) Training & equipment maintenance workers.

Manufacturing Process

First, prepare the round steel bar as the raw material. Please note that the composition should be provided to the manufacturer of the steel bar so that to get the right material.

Put the steel bars on the feeding device, after working; the bars go to the induction heating furnace to heat. And after reach to a specific temperature, go to the screw rolling working position start to screw. Formed steel balls go to the balls filter device to knock out the de-shaped balls; afterward, go to 1st quenching unit to quench, for some big size of the balls, need to 2nd quenching and then go to tempering furnace.

Above all is the standard process, but for different technical requirements, the producing process has some little change.

Working process for steel balls from dia20mm to dia80mm

hot rolling steel ball process

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