• automatic casting grinding ball molding line

Automatic Casting Grinding Balls Production Line

Grinding balls production line produces grinding media, grinding media balls from dia30mm to dia150mm with different compositions. Here are two types of grinding balls molding lines that you can choose. With different balls making machine, productivity is different. 

Annul Productivity10 000 tons to 15 000 tonsAnnul Productivity5 000 tons to 10 000 tons
Mold Size840mm*840mmMold Size630mm*630mm
Qty of Molds on Line70 PairsQty of Molds on Line78 Pairs

Our Service

DESIGN SUPPORT: Giving us your workshop drawings, the function sections deigning for the workshop to produce balls will be done by our team.  

OVERSEAS SERVICE: On-site visiting, installation/commissioning/training/maintenance for our client

FAST REACTING: During the producing, if you have any questions and doubts,  will be solved by our team via emails/phone or remote controlling at the short time

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Process technology can be supplied if needed. If you are a new member for producing grinding media, doesn’t matter, we will teach you how to successfully build a grinding ball foundry.  


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