• automatic casting grinding ball molding line

Mill Balls Separating and Sorting Machine

TYPEAutomatic Balls separating and Sorting MachineTYPEBalls Separator
FUNCTIONSeparating and Sorting of Balls, Runners, Pouring Gate, SandFUNCTIONSeparating of Balls, Runners, Pouring Gate

Product Introduction

ITEM: Automatic Mill Balls Separating and Sorting Machine

After cooling the casting grinding media ball, using automatic balls separating and sorting machine to clean the sand, separating, sorting, and delivery. Each process works independently. With the help of the PLC program, setting different working data according to the different size of balls. The designed working capacity can up to 3–6tons/hour. All the equipment will be installed under the ground, equipped with the soundproof plate and dust remover machine, working environment improves a lot.


  • Reduce labor tensity. Only need to hang, sorting, cleaning and separating all belongs to machine’s work.
  • Improve productivity. As before one casting grinding balls molding line produced balls need at least 2 operators for fully one day working. But adopting our machine, one operator can process double molding line produced balls. Productivity improved 4-6times.
  • All equipment is installed under the ground. Improve the utilization of effective area of workshop.
  • Safety and environmental friendly. Dust reduced from 300-800mg/m3 to50mg/m3 , noise reduced from 120-150dB to 80dB.


Automatic balls separating and sorting machine : manual operation

ITEMΦ50 Productivity


Φ80 Productivity


Φ100 Productivity


Balls &castings head

(Surface sand cleaning rate)

Balls & casting (head sorting rate)Noise




MANUAL750kg1000kg1200kgAbout  90%about 95%>145>500mg

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Product Introduction

ITEM: Balls Separator 

This equipment is a special machine for wear-resistant mill balls separating and cleaning. Collision friction between the casting mill balls separates the balls and pouring gates and risers. And polish the surface of the balls so that to realize the mechanization of the separation process and grinding process. It improves casting balls’ productivity and optimizes product quality. Compared with manual labor, work efficiency is improved by 5 times, greatly reduce the labor intensity and production costs.

Technical Datas

1Rating power18.5KW
2Rating voltage380V
5Reducer type500type,reduction gear ratio17.5
6Bearing type of bearing block6320
7V-belt typeC2159
8Overall dimension


9Max Loading1000kgs
10Processing time10-120mins

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Working Video for Automatic machine

Working Video for Semi-auto Machine

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