grinding ball equipment

The market of wear-resistant castings in China, occupancy ranking is casting grinding media balls, ball mill liners, casting ball mill hammers, earthmoving equipment bucket teeth etc. Some quality of these products has reached an advanced level in the world. These castings are widely used in mines, construction materials, metallurgy, power, chemical industry, and some other industries. The main producing process of modern wear-resistant material is still casting, which grinding ball accounts for 55%. Wear-resistant materials are high-consumption products that must be replaced or added within a certain period of use and have long-term market economic benefits. 

With the development of industry, the quality of balls has also been improved a lot. Our team has also been developing new equipment to improve the balls quality, reduce personnel and the labor intensity. Today’s our equipment is characterized by intelligence, efficiency, and simplicity. There is high-end grinding media ball (ball mill balls) equipment, like automatic casting chrome grinding media ball assembly line, automatic mill balls sorting and separating machine, automatic oil quench and tempering heat treatment machine etc. Advanced equipment with good management can produce a stable quality of casting grinding media balls (mill balls) and enlarge the business market.  

Our city — Ningguo, Known as the capital of ‘wear-resistant material’, has the prerequisites to practice and improve the production equipment, and lead the domestic industry in the production level, equipment advancement and quality control of grinding media, ball mill balls.

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