How to make the ball mill exert its maximum advantage

The rapid development of mineral processing, cement, metallurgy, and mineral industry has driven the application market of ball mill. To make it bring us more benefits, we collect all kinds of data here.

We know that the ball mill is composed of cylindrical shell, end cover, bearing and drive large ring gear, in addition to these parts also have a direct impact on the production and consumption of high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill liner and grinding ball! To get the most out of the milling machine, GM has to work its way from its liners and grinding balls.

The cylinder body is often subjected to the friction and direct impact of the physical and Abrasive Body, and the lining plate is used to protect the cylinder body from damage. The liner has a flat shape, a pressed strip shape, a wave shape, a stepped shape, and a hemispherical shape, etc. By changing the form, the movement state of the grinding body can be adjusted to increase the degree of crushing of materials. In the long run, the amount of repair and replacement of the liner will increase, so its material is essential, there are high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, wear-resistant Alloy Steel, wear-resistant cast iron and so on.

It has been proved that the grinding effect of high efficiency and energy saving ball mill is better than that of a single size medium when there is different size mixed medium. To high efficiency of the mill, the ball must be reasonable placement so that the large, medium and small ball proportion is appropriate if one side too much will cause the phenomenon such as powder too thick. In order to properly dispose of the ball, the size of the mill, the fineness of the product, the internal structure, and the characteristics of the materials to be ground must be taken into account.

If we want to increase the grinding efficiency of the ball mill, we have to consider not only the lining plate and the ball problem but also the hardness of the two and the hardness of the ore. It is not that the harder, the better, they have the Homogamy problem, only match well can improve the efficiency of grinding, so that high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill to play the most significant advantage, so the choice of the mill must look at its nature.