Correct usage of the steel ball in the ball mill

Ball mill introduction:

Ball mill is the vital equipment to pulverize material after it is broken. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, Refractory, chemical fertilizer, black and Non-ferrous metal dressing, and glass-ceramic industries Dry or wet grinding of all ores and other grindable materials.

Energy-saving ball mill structure features:

The ball mill is composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main components. The hollow shaft is made of steel with removable lining, and Rotary Gear is made of casting hobbing, wear-resistant lining board inlaid in cylinder body, good wear-resistant. The machine runs smoothly and reliably.

Before using the ball mill, there are many things to pay attention to:

The newly installed ball mill has a running-in process. During the running-in process, the steel ball quantity is added for the first time, accounting for 80% of the maximum ball loading capacity of the ball mill. The proportion of the grinding ball inserted can be added according to the size of the steel ball (120mm,100mm,80mm,60mm,40mm). Different ball mills have different ball loading. For example, MQG 1500*3000 ball mill maximum ball loading 9.5-10 tons. Grinding Ball (120mm and 100mm) added for the first time accounted for 30%-40 %, ball 80mm:40%-30 %, ball (60 mm and 40mm) accounted for 30 %.

Why only 80% steel grinding ball is added in ball mill running-in process, because after the ball mill is installed, the size gear of ball mill needs to Mesh, and the treatment capacity is also to increase gradually. After the ball mill runs typically for two to three days, check the meshing of large and small gears, and when everything is in order, open the ball mill utility hole cover and add the remaining 20% of the steel ball for the second time.

Ball mill on normal operation, each class of steel ball added by 3:4:3(120mm for 3,100mm for 4,80mm for 3) insert. Note: The addition of Small Steel Grinding Ball is only the first time. Because, the normal operation of the ball mill ball and steel ball, steel ball and ore, steel grinding ball, and ball mill liner between the reasonable friction, will make the wear increases, so that the ball mill small ball, ball mill for small ball.

So usually, you don’t have to add a small ball. Adding Small Ball is in the case of useful mineral particle size without monomer dissociation, when the mill fineness does not meet the requirements of flotation, can add a small number of small ball. To keep the reasonable ratio of ball-load filling rate to ball-filling rate and the stable operation of ball mill, the ball must be made up reasonably, and the wear must be reduced.

Steel Ball added weight, is based on the quality of Steel Grinding Ball, grinding ball quality good or bad, determines the ore consumption, the best use of a new wear-resistant steel ball. The best way to add steel grinding balls is to treat each ton of ore (that is, add 0.8 per ton of ore). Generally, one ton of metal (1-1.2) is required for ball handling. Grinding Ball size ratio: different ball mill model at a different rate. The diameter of ball mill is below 2500, the size of the steel ball is 100mm,80mm,60mm. Ball mill diameter in 2500mm above, add balls size for 120mm,100mm,80mm.

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