How to choose steel ball types and its HRC

The ball mill steel ball is also called the grinding body, is the medium of the ball mill grinding material, belongs to the consumable, the main use is the grinding material, causes the material to grind to achieve the certain fineness, when chooses the ball mill steel ball, the enterprise often after the ball hardness and the wear resistance, but too much hardness can also have a negative effect.

High Chromium Alloy Steel Ball

The choice of the hardness of the steel ball of the ball mill not only influences the productivity of the ball mill, but also influences the consumption of the ball, and then influences the cost of grinding medium. High hardness does not necessarily increase productivity or even decline, only high productivity can make the consumption index decreased. In grinding, ball loss is an important index. Generally speaking, as the hardness increases, as long as it does not break, the ball loss can be reduced, but when the ball mill steel ball hardness is too high, it will have an adverse effect There are two main aspects: (1) ball rebound bounce serious, in the rebound caused part of the energy loss, so the ball energy is not more used for crushing, so the impact of crushing; (2) ball hardness is too high When the ball and the ball contact with each other, sliding severe, cannot effectively engage in the ball between the mineral particles, so that the grinding of mineral particles weakened.

The hardness of ball mill steel ball is not the harder the better, because the comprehensive consideration of various factors, usually ball mill steel ball should have the following characteristics:

  1. The breaking rate is low, the ratio of alloy elements is reasonable, the whole performance is stable;
  2. Impact crushing, High Shear Force;
  3. Uniform hardness, low failure rate;
  5. Good roundness without appearance defects
  6. The compact organization, high-cost performance, significant cost savings;
  7. environmental protection, do not pollute the water.
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Low Chromium Alloy Steel Ball

There are four kinds of ball mills:

  1. The white cast iron with chromium as main alloy element is called chromium alloy cast iron for short, and the cast grinding ball with chromium alloy cast iron as a material is called Chromium Alloy Cast Iron Grinding Ball;
  2. The SPHEROIDAL graphite cast iron ball is called SPHEROIDAL graphite cast iron ball, and the matrix obtained by heat treatment is Bainite The Matrix obtained by heat treatment is mainly a martensite spheroidal graphite cast iron grinding ball referred to as the Martensite Ball.
  3. The steel ball produced by round steel mill is controlled automatically in the whole process. The hardness of steel ball is even, the hardness of heart is high, the rate of breaking is low and the impact value of steel ball is big.

     4. The fourth is forged, this steel ball low cost, but the steel ball heart hardness is low, easy to break poor wear resistance.

Multi-component Alloy Steel Ball

In some special conditions, often need a special material steel ball, to achieve the different environment required to achieve the function. After years of development, there are more and more new types of ball mill steel balls, including high chromium steel balls, high chromium steel forging, low chromium steel forging, low chromium steel forging, multi-alloy steel balls, etc. , which not only promote the development of ball mill steel ball production, the utility model improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill, and promotes the technical development and progress of the relevant industries.