The sand-coated iron mold casting technology has been favored by the foundry industry with its unique advantages. ZZXJ-F SERIES HIGH-SPEED SAND-COATED IRON MOULD PRODUCTION LINE is developed by our company. It is controlled by PLC in various operation modes. It is highly automatic. The fastest no-load operation speed is up to 30 seconds per box Production of wear-resistant steel ball up to 32 seconds per box. Special Castings are generally operated at a speed of 40-60 s / Min and are specially designed to reach 120 s / Min. It runs almost twice as fast as the industry. And now it is widely used to produce the ball mill chrome grinding media/mill balls/grinding balls. 

ZZXJ-F series sand-coated foundry production line is composed of mobile roller table and non-mobile Roller Table It is the base of energy saving and normal operation of the production line to adopt suitable driving mode and excellent production parts in different parts. The roller wheel of the production line adopts the patent technology of our company. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high load bearing, long service life, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, and replacement, this is the only one item Production Line maintenance work will be reduced by 80 %. Sandbox reversing device is also our company’s patent technology, using different elevations of production lines, the use of lift cylinder ingenious commutation, overturn the use of tray hard push reversing, save a lot of tray costs, and greatly reduce the failure rate. The iron mold sand coated production line also pioneered the use of a clean out of the box position before pouring, reducing the possibility of float sand entering the castings from the mold.

In combination with ZZXJ-F series sand-lined iron mold casting production line, the casting methods are hanging ladle pouring, movable ladle pouring (with thermal insulation function) and bottom pouring with constant temperature pouring machine Users have the flexibility to choose their configuration based on their needs.

ZZXJ-F series sand-coated foundry production line can be equipped with corresponding environmental protection equipment according to the needs of customers. Our company has developed various environmental protection equipment matching with the production line, which can make the foundation at the same time when the project is embedded and the production line When environmental protection equipment is needed, it is convenient to replenish it.