Hexin type grinding balls casting line

Ningguo Hexin company is specialized in grinding media balls equipment , such as casting grinding media casting line, heat treatment machine, balls separating machine etc. Has exported to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Congo, Vietnam, Mongolia etc. The professional technical team has over 20 years working experience and now has installed over 150 sets of the balls casting line in the world.

Grinding media casting line is the good producer which combines the sand-lined metal mold technology with high productivity. It can produce different types of the balls, like white cast iron balls, chrome alloyed grinding balls, low chrome grinding balls, metallic alloyed balls. Chilling process can get finer metallic structure. The Produced balls size is from dia30mm to dia150mm with 4 operators.

grinding balls casting line

Woking condition of Grinding Balls Casting Line


1) With a rigid sand mold shell, the sand mold overall strength is high, does not deform, its adaptability is wide, the easy casting demoulding, and the positioning is reliable, the precision is high.

2) Molding is convenient, fast, no matter what casting sand mold, two or three minutes can be finished molding, sand density, mold surface hardness through equipment guarantee, always consistent, and do not need to brush any paint. The smooth casting is obtained, and the shape and size precision of the casting is improved.

3) The cast-iron mold has the chilling process during the process of the liquid metal crystallization. The grain size of the castings can be finer so that to increase the strength of the castings.

4) The cavities of the mold, which consists of iron mold and thin sand, has high rigidity, small deformation, and fast cooling features after locking, so it can make the casting with high precision, small machining allowance and dense structure, which is especially suitable for the production of ductile iron.  In the production of nodular cast iron, the graphitization expansion of nodular cast iron can be used for the self-feeding of the castings.  The invention is particularly advantageous to the production of disc class, rod class, and shaft class castings with high-grade pearlite Matrix.

5) In general, the hardness of sand-coated castings produced by iron mold is about 20 HB units higher than that produced by common casting method

6) The casting process presents the closed cycle production state; the production occupation area is very small.

grinding media casting line

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