Hammer Metallic Mold for grinding ball mill

The hammer metallic mould is another brand – a new product that we have developed in the field of metal mould after casting grinding balls mould and has achieved great success. 

Based on the client’s requirements, we have designed each mold with four hammers, machining by CNC machine to get accurate data. The material of the metal mold adopts grey iron which can stand 1700 degrees high temperature.  The mould’s cavities are smooth, the equipped pattern well cooperates. Produced mining used hammer is good quality and nice shape. Satisfied with our clients. 

Although COVID-19 stops abroad clients come and visit us, but online introducing & guidance, on-time after-sales service, teaching step by step, all these give our clients enough trusty and encourage for the further long term cooperation. Placed the order of the 80 pairs of the hammer metal mould. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with more and more clients. 

hammer metallic mould