Grinding Media Making Machine

Grinding media making machine is the full automatic machine which is producing cast alloyed grinding balls. The whole set of the balls making machine consists of molding part and pouring system. The molding line is controlled by the PLC program which can monitor the working condition and find out the faulty quickly.It can manufacturer the balls from dia30mm to dia130mm with different materials. The annual productivity is 5 000tons to 20 000tons. 4 operator online to operate, which reduce the large amount labor costs and manual failure. The produced grinding balls have smooth pouring gate, no rags, finer inner structure. The producing costs is around USD45/ton.

Main Characteristics of the making machine

1) Low producing costs, low labor tensity
2) Maintenance fees are low; the electrical system is the main easy-consumption parts
3) Long lifetime of the metal mold, at least five years
4) Flexible can produce 30-130mm balls with replacing the metal mold
5) Functional, it can produce two sizes of the balls at once
6) Environmental friendly, the pre-coated sand can be recycled.
7) Energy-saving, total rated power is 100KW. Usually, power consumption is 70-80KW.H
8) Excellent quality of the grinding balls, compared with manual made grinding balls, making machine made are much better, no rags, no disorder, fine microstructure.
9) When the liquid iron is not enough for pouring, the whole machine can still work and do the sand coating. No influence of the production.
10) If needed, this making machine can also produce well-sized castings, like a metallic hammer, drums, etc.

grinding media making machine

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