Chromium White cast iron grinding ball

High Chromium White cast iron grinding ball is also known as high chromium alloy casting ball, high chromium steel ball, referred to as high chromium ball. At present, most of the domestic wear-resistant material enterprises take the medium frequency electric induction furnace as the main body, through the reasonable matching of high-quality scrap steel, chromium alloy materials melting, as well as hot metal micro-alloying treatment and conditioning; After high-temperature quenching and tempering, the martensite Matrix was obtained to achieve high hardness and wear resistance.

In terms of chemical composition, there are dozens of different materials, from low chromium to high chromium. In order to standardize the industry standard, let people have a clear understanding of the rationale of cast chromium alloy ball, cast grinding ball GB / T17445-2009 national standard, low chromium content 1%-3% , hardness ≥ HRC 45; Multi-component alloy balls contain 4%-6% CR, hardness HRC ≥47, medium chromium alloy balls contain 7%-10% CR, hardness HRC ≥48, high chromium alloy balls contain ≥10%-14% CR, hardness HRC ≥58, special high chromium ball contain exceed 14% CR, hardness ≥58.


Chromium grinding ball is produced by melting in medium frequency electric furnace, metal mold or sand-coated casting. Therefore, domestic wear-resistant material factories are often called low chromium alloy ball. If ensure the use of low-chromium ball quality recommendations must be used heat treatment tempering or vibratory stress relief. If the detection of hardness (HRC) below 40 degrees, it shows that the low chromium ball hardness is not enough or produce a burn.


Chromium Grinding Ball is widely used in metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation, flue gas desulfurization, aerated concrete, magnetic materials, chemical, coal slurry, pellets, slag, ultra-fine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand, and other industries.

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