Casting grinding balls making machine

Automatic casting grinding balls making machine consists of casting line, metal molds online, and pouring line. The casting line includes a sand shooting machine, cooling & heating device, motorized roller table, and casting pick-up device, molds opening device, and vibrating molds cleaning device.

casting grinding balls manufacturing line

Casting Grinding Balls Manufacturing line

Casting Grinding Balls Manufacturing Line is the fully automatic grinding balls production line that produces cast alloyed grinding balls with diverse types, like chrome alloyed, ductile iron type, etc. from dia30mm to 130mm.  The whole set of the grinding ball’s line consists of four sections, including the pouring system, sand shooting part, waste sand cleaning […]

Screw rolling steel balls production line

Dia25mm – 40mm screw rolling steel grinding balls production line is used to produce steel balls 25mm, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm with different composition. The surface hardness of the produced balls can achieve over 60 degrees. Widely used in mines, power station and construction industry. Produced steel balls has no de-shaped, no chamfer, and good […]

automatic casting grinding steel ball production line molding line

Grinding balls manufacturing process

The grinding ball is a grinding medium used in ball mill and material used in grinding mills, widely used in metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation, flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, chemical industry, coal water slurry, pellet, slag, ultrafine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand, and other industries ball mill. But how […]

Grinding Media Making Machine

Grinding media making machine is the full automatic machine which is producing cast alloyed grinding balls. The whole set of the balls making machine consists of molding part and pouring system. The molding line is controlled by the PLC program which can monitor the working condition and find out the faulty quickly.It can manufacturer the […]

grinding balls casting line

Hexin type grinding balls casting line

Ningguo Hexin company is specialized in grinding media balls equipment , such as casting grinding media casting line, heat treatment machine, balls separating machine etc. Has exported to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Congo, Vietnam, Mongolia etc. The professional technical team has over 20 years working experience and now has installed over 150 sets of the balls […]