Study on microstructure and properties of high chromium series wear-resistant Cast Iron Grinding Ball

Based on the effect of Cr in Cr-based WEAR-RESISTANT CAST IRON, three kinds of wear-resistant cast iron grinding balls with diameter of 110mm and different Cr content were designed by means of metallographic technique, electron microscope technique, TEM technique and X-ray diffraction technique, the macro hardness, microhardness, impact toughness and wear properties of the material […]

The characteristics of heat treatment process for high chromium cast iron grinding balls

For example, it is a reasonable and feasible heat treatment process of grinding ball to save energy, equipment, field, good quenching effect, less investment, and big output by using the residual heat after forging, rolling and casting. According to incomplete statistics, the steel and iron balls produced by this process now have an annual output of […]

About the understanding of the failure of out-of-round for grinding media and its rate

The loss of roundness and the loss of roundness of the grinding body do exist in the use of the grinding body (grinding media ball, grinding cylpebs). The loss of roundness of the grinding body reduces the grinding effect and reduces the output of the grinding machine, but due to the lack of specific statistical data, […]