carbon agent

Reasonable carburizing agent was selected to improve the casting tensile strength

The microstructure and properties of cast iron depend on the microstructure and quality of raw materials to a great extent. The use of recarburizer is very important, especially for cylinder block and head castings with high densification requirements.

Medium frequency induction furnace molten iron, Ingredients, remelting

1. CHARACTERISTICS OF MEDIUM FREQUENCY FURNACE MELTING The Medium frequency induction furnace is suitable for melting various brands of molten iron, to meet the composition, temperature of molten iron, to meet the performance requirements of all kinds of molten iron. It’s very adaptable.

automatic molding line


Forced by the current situation, many foundries that produce small and medium-sized castings all want to invest in automated casting workshops, but suffer from lack of experience and lack of corresponding professionals So there are many blind, blind, inadequate preparation, unreasonable workshop design, too low operation rate, poor casting quality, management chaos, and even automation […]

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Automatic casting production line workshop suggestion

1. Sand-coated iron mold production line is suitable for castings with high requirements for product quality and appearance. The iron mold sand coated production line has the advantages of both chilled iron mold and good toughness of sand mold, which can refine the inner grain of the casting and improve the appearance quality and mechanical […]

sand coated

How to solve the problem of air permeability in coated Sand Technology

The common defects and main causes in the process of using coated sand and the main causes of the name of the defect (1) the loose surface of the mold (core) core pressure is too high or too low; the molded exhaust is not smooth; the mold runs because of the big clearance of the […]