Casting Grinding Media Balls Type

CADI Grinding Media

  1. Grinding Media Balls size: dia20mm to dia130mm(grinding balls); dia20mm*20mm-dia50mm*60mm (grinding cylpebs)
  2. Product material and hardness distribution (Initial HRC48-55, after use HRC54-62); impact value: ≥10J/cm2
  3. Micro-structure: B+M+A+C; broken rate: ≤5%; Balls falling times≥15000times (6meter distance)
  4. Technical standards and usage indicators (service life, service life, consumption of tons of materials and products, usage specifications, etc.) can be customized or contracted according to the actual working conditions of users.
  5. Characteristics: under wet grinding condition
  • The volume HRC is 52 to 56degrees, the difference between the surface to inner point is within 5 degrees; almost good as high chrome balls.
  • The impact fatigue is 7〜15j/cm2, two times than high chrome grinding balls.
  • Working at the same working condition, CADI ball mill balls are 2.5times lifetime than low chrome cast ball mill balls.
  • After using, the ball mill balls still keep the shape and no broken.
  • The noise of the ball mill can decrease to 10-12 db, so that to give a better working environment for the operators.
  • The producing costs are lower than high chrome grinding ball mill balls
  • The weight is lower than the low chrome alloyed balls, so that can save the energy, reduce 30A, improve the grinding efficiency.

High Chrome Ball Mill Balls

  1. Balls size: dia10mm to dia130mm
  2. Chrome contents: 10-30%; Hardness: 58-68 degrees; impact value≥0J/cm2; broken rate: ≤5%
  3. The high chromium ball can maintain stable gradation of grinding body and high grinding efficiency for a long time, which is beneficial to the stability and improvement of output and quality per unit time of the ball mill, and greatly reduces the use cost and clearance times of grinding body.
  4. Analysis of mechanical properties and micro-structure of wear-resistant steel balls


GradeSurface (HRC)Impact value(Ak J/cm2)Micro-structureFalling balls testing time(3.5M)
super high chrome ballsZQCR20-


M- martensite, C-carbide