Casting Grinding Balls Manufacturing line

Casting Grinding Balls Manufacturing Line is the fully automatic grinding balls production line that produces cast alloyed grinding balls with diverse types, like chrome alloyed, ductile iron type, etc. from dia30mm to 130mm. 

The whole set of the grinding ball’s line consists of four sections, including the pouring system, sand shooting part, waste sand cleaning part, and mold checking part. The grinding balls manufacturing line is controlled by the PLC program, which can monitor the working condition and find out the faulty quickly. 

According to the client’s demands, we designed two types of manufacturing lines as options: one can make 50000 to 1 0000 tons per year (300-330days for production); another one is the enlarged one which can produce 10 000 to 18 000 tons per year. The entire production line is operated by 4 people, which reduces a large number of labor costs and manual failure. The produced grinding balls have a smooth pouring gate, no rags, finer inner structure. The production costs are around USD45/ton. 

We have compared with the manual made grinding balls, there is no sand inclusion, no air hole. The density is higher than the manually made one. 

In China, the top 10 casting grinding balls manufacturers adopt this method to conduct the production with high efficiency. Grinding balls manufacturing line occupies at least 60% of the market. The trend toward automatic production is becoming more and more obvious. 

Hexin company produced grinding balls production line has good quality and on-time service. Over 20 years of equipment making and designing skills and rich production experience supports the machine lower errors with about 98% starting rate. If you are interested, welcome to contact us right now! 

casting grinding balls manufacturing line