Ball Mill balls Sorting And Seperating Machine

The sand is separated and filtered by the vibrating sieve, and then the casting is rolled into a high-speed rotating barrel. The separated casting ball mill balls and the gating-risers enter into the vibration sorting mechanism at the same time. The ball and the gating-risers are classified by the principle of vibration conveying. The results show that the Labor intensity of workers is greatly reduced, the production efficiency is increased by 4-6 times, and the workshop environment is greatly improved Workplace dust concentrations were reduced from 300-800MG / M3 to less than 50mg / M3; noise levels were reduced from 120-150dB to less than 80dB.

Our company is a professional foundry equipment manufacturer. While promoting the application of automatic foundry production line of sand-coated iron mold in China, many customers put forward the requirements of mechanical casting ball separation, sorting and cleaning production line According to the market demand, the company organizes the technical strength to tackle key problems, and adopts mechanized production line to solve the following problems in the mass production process of casting ball mill ball mechanization:

  • Separation of casting ball mill ball and runner.
  • the surface of the ball, burr, burn-in cleaning.
  • The automatic collection, automatic classification and automatic running of sprue, casting ball and residual sand.
  • reduce noise and dust, improve the working environment.
  • Reduce Labor intensity.

 Implementation Programme

After cooling, the production mode of cleaning, separating and sorting is designed. The cleaning, separating, sorting and conveying are completed by mechanical equipment. The equipment of each department is operated independently and controlled automatically by PLC Export process parameters according to different specifications. The design production capacity reaches 3-6t / H, and the production efficiency is increased by more than 4 times. All equipment installed in the underground, erecting muffler cover and dust removal environmental protection equipment, to improve the working environment.

1.System design: This line is mainly composed of eleven major parts, such as receiving structure, waste sand screening, separation rolling barrel, vibrating shakeout machine, automatic sorting mechanism, ball mill ball conveyor, pouring and rising conveyor, first-stage waste sand conveying system, second-stage waste sand conveying system, environmental protection system, automatic control system, etc. . Fig. 1 is a separation and separation process flow diagram, Fig. 2 is a photo of the ball mill balls outlet and the gating riser outlet and the dust removal mechanism.

  • grinding ball sorting and cleanning
  • grinding ball sorting and cleanning

2. At present, the equipment has been put into use in 7 units, the use of very good results. Productivity is as follows

The automatic equipment for cleaning, sorting and separating the cast ball mill balls machine has achieved the desired design effect This process is an important technical breakthrough in foundry equipment of ball casting industry.