Ball mill balls production line

Brief Introduction

Automatic ball mill balls production line is the assembly line with sand molding device, tilting type pouring system, iron mold opening and closing position, flipping down material position etc. The entire line is controlled by the PLC program, HMI can show the working situation directly from the touch screen so that to let the operator find our the problem easily from the program.

The whole molding production line is divided into 3 parts: molding part, pouring part and cooling part. Molding part includes forming the coated sand inside of the iron mold. Pouring part includes pouring the liquid iron from the induction furnace to the closed iron mold. After cooling for the certain time, flipping position fall down and let the formed balls out.

  • ball mill balls production line

Detailed producing process

Sand shooting device to blow the coated sand into the cavities of the metal mold → after sand coated, goes to molds closing device, close the top and bottom molds → pouring machine pours the liquid iron into the closed molds → after a certain time cooling, goes to molds opening device, moves the top mold → the bottom mold goes to flipping dumping device to let the formed grinding balls out → Both the top and bottom molds go to the vibrating unit to clean the residual sand → Finally, come back to the sand blowing unit and goes into the next cycle. 

  • ball mill balls production line

Main Technical Data

  • Working method: open type+ flexible transport+multilevel supply drive operation mode. 
  • Driving Mode: Hydraulic + Pneumatic
  • Loading power capacity: 100KW (not include air compressor)
  • Air compressor: air consumption:3m³/min or 5m³/min; working pressure:0.8Mpa
  • Unloading working tempo:≥40″/time
  • Operators for molding line: 4 operatorsin total
  • Metal molds online: size: 630mm*630mm & 840mm*840mm(Client can choose according to their requirements.)
  • Productivity: 5000tons to 20 000tons

About Hexin

Hexin has a more than 20 experience team from designing, manufacturing to technical supporting for the newly established grinding media project.

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