Sand-coating technology in steel mold is a new technology for producing wear-resistant grinding media balls. It has the advantages of both iron mold and sand mold. It has the characteristics of chilled iron mold, small stress and good toughness in Sand Mould Casting This is a very big breakthrough for the production of wear-resistant grinding media balls. In addition, coated sand is widely used in automatic production because of its good fluidity, strong punching ability and good appearance, which will lead to a new revolution in the production history of wear-resistant casting grinding media balls.

The automatic production of wear-resistant grinding media ball is always the dream of the foundry ball production enterprise, because the wear-resistant grinding media ball production environment is bad, the working site temperature is high, the casting ball mold is relatively unwieldy, but also has certain mode of production in order to produce good products, the physical quality and technical quality of workers are required to be very high. First-line technicians have always been a bottle-neck problem during the manufacturing. With the improvement of working standards, this difficulty in employment will become even more acute. This is also wear-resistant steel ball enterprises cannot be the rapid growth of the main reasons.

Iron mold sand coated sand layer, the metal mold can be used many times and will not appear inside the mold pit, even if there is a pit, the sand layer will fill the pit, so that the production of the high-chromium ball shows smooth, no pit. Mold has a vent hole, exhaust effect is good, the high-chromium ball will not appear inside the bubble, the production of high-chromium ball stable performance.

The inner surface of the traditional mode of production mold is easy to be pitted, and a layer of useless shell (flash) will appear when the hot metal directly touches the mold.

The advantages of the sand-coating production line with iron mold are summarized. 

  •  good exhaust, high-chromium ball no internal bubble, high-temperature pores.
  • the Resin Sand used has high strength, and the sphere has no sand inclusion
  • The surface of the high chromium ball body is smooth and without potholes
  • The automatic production line ensures the fixed molding technology of the product and the stability of product performance and dimension
  • specialized production line scientific control of molten iron solidification rate.
  • mold Gate cup increased, increased the static pressure forming, high-chromium ball to ensure the internal contraction

Our automatic casting grinding media ball molding line adopts metal mold, sand coating process, productivity can rise to 5000 to 15000 tons. Producing balls size from dia30mm to 150mm. Widely used in the home and abroad.

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