Automatic casting production line workshop suggestion

1. Sand-coated iron mold production line is suitable for castings with high requirements for product quality and appearance.

The iron mold sand coated production line has the advantages of both chilled iron mold and good toughness of sand mold, which can refine the inner grain of the casting and improve the appearance quality and mechanical properties of the Casting More and more high-quality castings have been selected for sand-coating in-mold casting.

Several considerations should be taken into account when selecting the production line for SAND COATING WITH IRON MOULD:

  •  sand-coated castings are not suitable for small thin-wall castings.
  • sand-coated iron mold is not suitable for small batch casting, the investment of mold is large and the cycle of cost recovery is long.
  • it is also not suitable for complicated and special castings with difficult risers.

2. Vertical parting stripping box molding line is suitable for small and medium-sized castings without sand cores.

Because of the high efficiency and low investment of the vertical line, we should choose the vertical line as the first choice for the small and medium-sized castings without sand cores, but at the same time we should consider several points:

(1) For plate castings with high dynamic balance requirements, the vertical line is usually not suitable for gravity segregation due to vertical parting.

(2) The gating system of vertical molding line is different from that of the horizontal molding line.

(3) for Castings with the deep core, pay attention to whether the strength of the core suspension is enough.

(4) it is difficult to set the riser for the complicated and Special Ductile Iron Castings.

(5)The horizontal parting line is suitable for all small and medium castings, especially those with sand cores.

(6) it is generally not recommended to use horizontal parting line to produce middle and small castings, not only because of high investment but also because of high operation cost, high failure point, and high casting cost.

3. The quality of sand treatment system and the level of management determine the success or failure of the automatic foundry shop.

3.1 in reality, the quality of molding sand is unstable and difficult to control due to the factors of neglecting the design and investment of the sand treatment system and the improper choice of molding materials in the construction of automatic foundry shop Finally, it results in the low starting rate of molding line, high reject rate of casting and poor quality. Sand temperature control, mud content control, quantitative control, the quality of the main sand treatment equipment itself, raw and auxiliary material quality are the key factors to guarantee the properties of molding sand.

3.2 for the resin coated sand recovery of the iron mold sand production line, the current technology is very mature, and the sand recovered because of a smaller deformation coefficient, better quality. But if the casting annual output is less than 10000 tons, then the self-built recovery equipment cost performance is low.

3.3 Matching of melting ability and automatic MOLDING LINE

The automatic foundry is different from the traditional foundry, molding and pouring are carried out at the same time. So follow these principles:

(1) multiple small electric furnaces are selected for time-differential melting casting.

The requirement of molten iron per unit time for the automatic line for medium and small-sized castings is about 2 ~ 3 T. it is suggested to use 0.75 ~ 1.5 t / h electric furnace with 2-3 sets opened every 20 min in order to realize melting and pouring at different times and to ensure continuous supply of Molten Iron In order to meet the needs of molding line assembly line production.

(2) in order to ensure that the molding line does not stop the machine, the selection principle of melting capacity is: melting amount of the molding line needs 1.2 molten iron per unit time.

4. ‘Pouring level’ is an important link in the automatic foundry

Automatic casting machine is preferred in automatic casting plant, but domestic automatic casting machine is still in the growth stage, the price of foreign automatic casting machine is surprisingly high! In the current situation, the following three options are recommended:

  • bottom type pouring system
Bottom type pouring machine (semi-automatic)
  • pouring car system
Movable pouring machine
  • pouring ladle car to casting line
Tea type pouring ladle