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Development and production of Bainite Ductile Iron grinding ball (2)

After analyzing the elements of grinding ball material for Bainite Ductile Iron Balls,  goes to the next step– casting and melting process.  Wet sand molding, alloy melting in a one-ton cupola. (1) metal charge: High Quality No. 18 Benxi pig iron, return iron, ferromolybdenum, ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese, scrap steel, return charge, and spheroidized alloy. These metal […]

Production and application of Austenitic high chromium cast ball (1)

Abstract: The production process and key points of austenitic high chromium cast iron grinding ball are introduced. Because of its as-cast austenite structure, it has high impact toughness. In addition, in the condition of impact friction, the microstructure will change to martensite, which will produce a work-hardening phenomenon. The material has high toughness and high […]

Research on Early Failure of Low Chromium Cast Grinding Balls (1)

Abstract: Through the falling test and chiseling-hammering test conducted with the metal-sand composite mould cast low chromium grinding balls, it was concluded that the peeling phenomenon had occurred with many balls before their early failure. The cracking initiated at the area of interface between the metal mould and sand mould, then the debris peeling occurred, […]

Microstructure and abrasive wear properties of Hi-C medium chromium wear resistant alloy steels after heat treatment (2)

1.1 Heat treatment process Five quenching temperatures were designed: 860 ° C, 900 ° C, 940 ° C, 980 ° C, 1020 ° C, according to the phase composition calculation of wear-resistant alloy steel at different temperatures by JmatPro and the phase diagram analysis of Fe-C-Cr ternary alloy in longitudinal section. The heat treatment process […]