Ten advantages of HEXIN SAND-COATING Grinding ball molding line

1. Advanced Technology: SAND-COATED IRON MOULD IS THE BEST casting technology at present. It has the advantages of both chilled iron mold and slow cooling sand mold, fine grain and high impact toughness

2. Stable operation: the standard running rate of our iron-mold sand-coating production line is above 96% ;

3. Parts Standardization: My company’s iron mold sand production line all parts are produced according to the enterprise standard, completely universal, avoiding the trouble of special processing when the parts are damaged;

4. The production cost is low: such as dia100mm grinding media, tons of sand consumption is 135kg;

5. The product casting precision is high, the processing allowance is small: The average accuracy reaches about CT7, the Surface roughness reaches about 12.5μm;

6. The product may choose the SCOPE TO BE WIDE: My company iron mold cover sand production line for 2 big series, 7 kinds of models for users to choose; and may according to the user production site and the special design.

7. The cost-effective: The annual output of 10,000 tons of casting production line, only 4 operating positions, and no special requirements for workers, workers can be slightly trained to work, even female workers can. This is especially true in the foundry industry, where employment is increasingly tight.

8. Greatly reduce the Labor intensity, significantly improve the working environment. Our company’s iron molding sand production line also developed matching smoking, dust removal system can let your foundry plant into a garden.

9. The quality of the produced balls is high, and the process stability is excellent. Iron mold sand coating production line uses tilting type pouring system to pour, and you can choose the most appropriate pouring temperature pouring, avoid pouring temperature is not the right waste products. Each process action of the production line can be set, and it is invariable. The waste products caused by unstable process due to Worker’s quality or physical strength are avoided.

10. Perfect after-sales service. Guaranteed replacement within one year. Lifetime warranty, only charges for maintenance materials. Free upgrade of life-long technical software.

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