Advantages of Hexin Brand Sand-coating Grinding ball Production Line

1. Advanced Technology: SAND-COATED IRON MOULD IS THE BEST casting technology at present. It has the advantages of both chilled iron mold and slow cooling sand mold, fine grain and high impact toughness 2. Stable operation: the standard running rate of our iron-mold sand-coating production line is above 96% ; 3. Parts Standardization: My company’s […]

sand coated iron mold grinding ball production line

Updated sand-coated iron mold casting grinding ball production line

The molding line has produced products are the wear-resistant ball, crankshaft, wheel, brake drum, box cover, traction wheel, machine seat, flywheel, water meter shell, Hammer etc. Performance characteristics of multi-function sand-coated iron mold casting production line:

iron mold sand coating production line for castings


1.First of all, matching with the product should be considered when choosing the production line of the sand-coated iron mold. 2. Iron sand-coated production line should have: A high-quality iron sand-coated production line must have the primary factors of the high running rate of equipment, mature technology, high rate of the genuine product.

ball mill grinder

Correct usage of the steel ball in the ball mill

Ball mill introduction: Ball mill is the vital equipment to pulverize material after it is broken. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, Refractory, chemical fertilizer, black and Non-ferrous metal dressing, and glass-ceramic industries Dry or wet grinding of all ores and other grindable materials.

grinding media heat treatment

Basic principle and properties of grinding media surface heat treatment

1. Induction Heating Surface quenching definition: is the use of a certain method to produce a certain frequency of induction current on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the parts quickly heated, and then quickly quenching cooling heat treatment operation. PRINCIPLE: As shown in the figure, electromagnetic induction produces an induced current of […]

grinding media

What are the types of grinding media for Ball Mills

There are many different kinds of grinding media used in ball mills, such as forged grinding media and cast grinding media. Among them, forged grinding media are called forging balls for short; cast grinding media are called casting balls for short; cast grinding media are divided into high, medium, and low chrome. Today, the main […]

quenching and tempering process

Defects of quenching & tempering and Prevention

In the heat treatment process, the reject rate caused by the quenching process is usually higher. This is mainly in the quenching process, and at the same time, the formation of greater thermal stress and structural stress, in addition, it is easy to be exposed in the quenching and tempering process because of the inherent […]

chrome grinding ball risers

Function and design of Riser for foundry

1. Take a pinch. 2. Exhaust. 3.Slag collection. 4.Logo for the metal filling cavity. Casting riser is a part designed to supply the shrinkage of casting during solidification to prevent shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity.

high chrome cast iron

Characteristics and application of high chrome wear resistant cast iron

High Chrome cast iron containing 12.30% chrome and 2.4-3.6% carbon can be highly alloyed and heat treated to obtain martensite or austenite or mixed matrix and special carbides of chrome. This particular carbide is a hexagonal system of Me7C3 with hardness as high as HVL200. 1600, much higher than the cementite type of carbides and common mineral […]