molten iron melting induction furnace

Importance to treat the gray iron melted by electric induction furnace

This company is a large state-owned enterprise, the production of many varieties of gray iron castings, the previous use of Cupola melting equipment, the production of gray iron castings have been very stable quality. In order to further implement the national requirements for Energy Conservation and emission reduction, optimize the environment, and achieve high efficiency […]

ductile iron ball


In the traditional production process of ductile iron, about 10% carbon scrap is generally used for the burden. This paper only deals with some problems that should be paid attention to in the process of producing nodular cast iron in an induction furnace after increasing the proportion of carbon scrap used. According to the production […]

The automatic equipment for cleaning, separating and separating the cast wear-resistant steel balls has been used in 3 factories, and has achieved the desired design effect This process is an important technical breakthrough in foundry equipment of ball casting industry.

Ball Mill balls Sorting And Seperating Machine

The sand is separated and filtered by the vibrating sieve, and then the casting is rolled into a high-speed rotating barrel. The separated casting ball mill balls and the gating-risers enter into the vibration sorting mechanism at the same time. The ball and the gating-risers are classified by the principle of vibration conveying. The results […]



The sand-coated iron mold casting technology has been favored by the foundry industry with its unique advantages. ZZXJ-F SERIES HIGH-SPEED SAND-COATED IRON MOULD PRODUCTION LINE is developed by our company. It is controlled by PLC in various operation modes. It is highly automatic. The fastest no-load operation speed is up to 30 seconds per box […]

ball mill balls

Key points of foundry technology of coated sand (2)

Heating Temperature 200-300, curing time 30-150s, shot pressure 0.15-0.60 MPA. The sand core with the simple shape and the resin coated sand with good fluidity can select lower shooting pressure, lower heating temperature for thin sand core, longer curing time when the heating temperature is low. The resin used in coated sand is phenolic resin. […]

resin sand coated casting production line

Key points of foundry technology of coated sand (1)

Resin coated sand casting has a long history in the field of casting, and the output of casting is quite large, but there are many problems when using resin coated sand casting to produce precision steel castings, such as sand burn, cold shut, and air hole. How to solve these problems remains to be explored. […]

high chrome wear-resistant cast iron mill ball production plant

Characteristics and application of high chrome wear resistant cast iron

High chrome cast iron containing 12.30% chrome and 2.4-3.6% carbon can be highly alloyed and heat treated to obtain martensite or austenite or mixed matrix and special carbides of chrome. This particular carbide is a hexagonal system of Me7C3 with hardness as high as HVL200. 1600, much higher than the cementite type of carbides and common mineral […]

carbon agent

Reasonable carburizing agent was selected to improve the casting tensile strength

The microstructure and properties of cast iron depend on the microstructure and quality of raw materials to a great extent. The use of recarburizer is very important, especially for cylinder block and head castings with high densification requirements.

Medium frequency induction furnace molten iron, Ingredients, remelting

1. CHARACTERISTICS OF MEDIUM FREQUENCY FURNACE MELTING The Medium frequency induction furnace is suitable for melting various brands of molten iron, to meet the composition, temperature of molten iron, to meet the performance requirements of all kinds of molten iron. It’s very adaptable.

automatic molding line


Forced by the current situation, many foundries that produce small and medium-sized castings all want to invest in automated casting workshops, but suffer from lack of experience and lack of corresponding professionals So there are many blind, blind, inadequate preparation, unreasonable workshop design, too low operation rate, poor casting quality, management chaos, and even automation […]