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Chromium White cast iron grinding ball

High Chromium White cast iron grinding ball is also known as high chromium alloy casting ball, high chromium steel ball, referred to as high chromium ball. At present, most of the domestic wear-resistant material enterprises take the medium frequency electric induction furnace as the main body, through the reasonable matching of high-quality scrap steel, chromium […]

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How to use manual metal mold to produce casting grinding balls

The manual metal mold is widely used in foundries to produce casting chromium grinding media ball, including low, medium and high chrome contents. Balls size from dia30mm to 150mm. This kind of metal mould is easy to operate and investment costs are low. Metal mould adopts the chilling process to get refined microstructure.

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Heat treatment process for high chromium grinding ball

Ball mill is widely used in building materials, mineral processing, cement, thermal power generation and fertilizer production of the main grinding equipment, grinding ball is the largest consumption of wear-resistant parts. Therefore, with the continuous development of key industries such as building materials, the demand for grinding balls will increase greatly. At present, ordinary forged […]

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automatic sand-coated metal mold casting grinding ball molding line

The AUTOMATIC SAND-COATED METAL MOULD PRODUCTION LINE adopts the advanced sand-coated metal mold producing process, which can significantly improve the mechanical properties of castings, improve the appearance quality of castings, reduce the machining allowance of castings & the labor intensity & the number of workers, minimize the production of safety hazards.

Cr26% high chrome casr iron grinding balls

Influence of Heat Treatment on Structure and Properties of Cr26 High Chromium Cast Iron Grinding Ball

Written by LI Ju-cang, ZHAO Ai-min, WANG Li-na (University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China) Abstract: The effects of heat treatment on the hardness, impact toughness, manufactured process, and microstructure used different heat treatment technology of dia50 mm Cr26 high chromium cast iron grinding ball have been studied. The results show that hardness of […]

Effects of Heat Treatment Process on Microstructure and Properties of High chrome Grinding Ball

Effects of Heat Treatment Process on Microstructure and Properties of High Chromium Grinding Ball

ABSTRACT: The heat treatment process of high chromium grinding ball produced by sand coated iron mould casting process was researched. Shrinkage and porosity defects have not been discovered after cutting along the diameter of grinding ball. The grinding ball in cast state has poor mechanical properties. Mechanical properties of grinding ball significantly increase after heat treatment After heat […]


Understanding of abrasive hardness, carbides and wear resistance

About hardness, carbides and wear resistance? 1. Hardness directly reflects the wear resistance of the product, the higher the wear resistance, the higher the hardness, with the Rockwell hardness “HRC“.

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The types of Surface Heat treatment

Chemical Heat Treatment-a heat treatment process in which a metal or alloy is placed in an active medium at a certain temperature so that one or more elements penetrate into its surface to change its chemical composition, structure, and properties. Common Chemical Heat Treatment Process: carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, aluminizing, boronizing and so on. The aim […]

forging ball

Introduction of manufacturing process of rolling ball, forging ball and casting grinding ball

These kinds of wear-resistant grinding balls are used in wear-resistant industries, wear-resistant steel ball types. Today, we will introduce the production process of several kinds of grinding ball.

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Development of high performance large diameter forging steel ball

In order to solve the problems of low production efficiency and high production cost caused by the decline of ore grade, the advantages of large-scale ball mill are gradually highlighted and widely used. It is necessary to use the large-diameter ball in the large-scale ball mill, so it is important to prepare high-performance large-diameter forging […]